Technological advancement has brought in tremendous progress in the automotive industry. We have leveraged our technological prowess in bringing our own contribution to the industry.

Virtual cockpit

We are introducing the next generation car dashboard component that encompasses technologies like AI, machine learning and vehicle electronics. Virtual Cockpit is an entirely digitalized IVI system that includes the instrument cluster unit, middle console and co-driver UI. The system helps the user to access the UI from both inside and outside the car using an RSI layer (Restful Service Interface). Instrument cluster unit, In-vehicle infotainment unit (IVI) and the co-pilot UI are the main modules of this project. The system works in such a way that the user can change the view of the instrument cluster unit; can select different UI views from a pool of designs, can change the color, position. It also gives an option for the co-driver to change view/UI. The IVI in the system is what controls the various infotainment components like music, video streaming, caller, etc. The RSI Server (Restful Service Interface) is responsible for the two-fold nature of the application. To the W3C was submitted an implementation of Volkswagen Infotainment Web interface. A custom plugin developed for the server is the one that will communicate with an external OBD server so that onboard diagnostic data can be fed into the server and it can be accessed in the client side using a web socket. This data can be used using either WebFX/HTML5 UI or all peripheral AI enriched applications.

You can find the following components in the vehicle system

  • Definition of RSI server interface
  • UI - HTML5 view application – information displays and controls, real-time
  • RSI server
  • RSI plugin - Develop as per GENIVI definitions, which will use CAN/OBD server
  • CAN/OBD server – Data and control interface
  • CAN/OBD libraries
  • H/W interfaces and Devices

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