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There was a time when it took every trick in the book and long years of patronage for a brand to have a strong existence. But today, efficient and effective online marketing and knowing what works in the virtual world, is all it takes for your business to become a well known brand among the highly tech savvy users.

At Calpine, we help your business create the virtual reputation that is required to garner such popularity, which can only be achieved by building a strong identity and an established brand. With over 89% consumers using search engines to make their purchase decisions, we know that it is highly imperative that you stay visible, relevant and engaging. And that is exactly the result we deliver to you. The image we develop for you will be catchy, engaging, strong and effective enough to keep your customers happy, thereby boosting your conversion.

Branding and Identity

Establishing and promoting a business as a brand is vital for the success of any business. Through branding, you are able to create an identity for your business, making it a relevant choice for your target customers’ needs. The brand identity is the “personality” of your business, and it has the power of influencing the perception of your users.

At Calpine, we help you develop a powerful identity for your business, creating a brand that your target customers will want to associate with. We understand that a brand’s foremost strength lies in its exclusivity and that is exactly what we would want for your business – a unique brand that is strong enough to achieve its vision, by communicating directly with the users.


Appearances are significant as we live in a world where first impressions matter. The layout, appeal and the ease of navigation of a website, web application, or mobile application are the factors that influence the first impression of a new user. The website should also be strong enough to handle the influx of users to ensure satisfactory customer experience.

At Calpine, we build, design and deliver websites that look appealing and perform with agility. Our website development and design standards are at par with all the latest technology and trends. We always keep an eye on the pulse of changing trends, so as to ensure that everything we do for our clients are feasible in the long run as well.

Website Designing

As newer trends emerge, it is important that online businesses follow the norms so as to not miss out on any opportunity. The latest trend that has transformed the way internet works is the mobile revolution. “Responsiveness” of websites is the new standard that measures the quality of a website and even Google has developed new algorithms to facilitate this.

Calpine develops and designs responsive websites so that you can keep your clients engaged no matter what gadget they use to reach out to you online. Our designs are compact, eye-catching, user friendly, and powerful enough to deliver the results you seek. Whether you simply want to revamp your website, or you want a complete new makeover for the online identity of your business, we have a wide range of web design services that can be customized for your business.

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