Engagement Model

At Calpine, we have wide range of engagement models suitable for various services we offer. These have been formulated through our years of experience in the industry, thus ensuring quality performance, high functionality and exceptional efficiency.

Dedicated Offshore Team

  • Ability to setup and expand resources in line with your requirements.
  • Highly qualified and talented team members comprising of PhD’s, Post Graduates and Engineers from reputed institutions.
  • Diverse skills under one roof
  • Strong links with domain skills and access to end user community
  • Transparency & Quick responses– Cost, Quality, Delivery
  • Committed to well defined tailored processes for faster turn around
  • Acts as your “Extended Team” clients can directly interact with individual team members. Our team members are available online.
  • Helps you to fit development cost within budget
  • Thinking beyond development to maintain, sustain & support
  • Well-defined IPR Practices

Fixed Time/Fixed Price Projects

This delivery model is based on a specification mentioning the budget, deliverables and timeline to ensure that all needs are met within predetermined timeline. Being an implementation based concept, the project is delivered in phases. The advantage here is that each phase can be predetermined and established by you, which makes resource management, schedule preparation, cost and time estimation, budgeting and proposal development very transparent.

As this is a phased delivery model, there are standard steps to be followed for each stage of the project. These are:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Blue Printing
  • Development/Implementation
  • Testing and Documentation

Time and Material Projects

This model offers skilled resources on a time and material basis. Often, clients may find it difficult to quote a defined or predetermined requirement especially when relatively new technology is involved. In such a scenario when specifications and plans are susceptible to spontaneous changes, we offer our clients dedicated resources on a time and material basis. This makes things flexible for the client, as he can determine the time & resources he needs and would be billed on the basis of the resources they utilize in terms of manpower, billable hours, any specialized software/hardware/infrastructure requirement used etc. The client retains the option to adjust the project resources based on their evolving requirements.

Product Incubation

(From Concept to promotion) We guide the customer through each stage of the product development stage starting with the Product Concept, Branding, Development, Maintenance and Support. Once the project is completed, we also offer post-deployment support as well as our assistance and expertise in developing and executing an effective online marketing strategy.

BOT (Build Operate and Transfer)

In this model we provide an end to end solution for the client starting with hiring, building and managing a team. The team will be working in Calpine’s premises until the client’s development facility is ready, and once they are ready, we hand over the team to the client.

This model is suitable for those companies who would like to set up a development facility in India and want the team to be operational from day one itself. In such a scenario, all the hiring, team building and project management will be done by Calpine.

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