Mobile Applications

Looking at how rapidly the world is moving from desktop/laptop to mobile interfaces, it is pretty evident why having a mobile application is integral for your business. A mobile application does more than sending data to the users – it represents your brand, keeps the user updated and engaged, while also facilitating a two-way communication channel between the user and you, always. Calpine is engaged in designing mobile applications which are attractive and user-friendly along with being scalable, secure and business-centric. Our mobile application development services utilize advanced mobile technology to build, maintain and support fully functional, high-end mobile applications with intuitive designs.

iOS Apps

iOS customers are quality-oriented customers. iOS gadgets are popular among urban communities in the US, many European countries, and even in some of the developing countries like India, China, etc.

Customer satisfaction rate is higher (more than 60%) compared to all other mobile devices.

Calpine builds apps for both iPhones and iPads and has a proven track record in building consistently robust, scalable and innovative apps the apps are internet (online) and utility apps (without internet).

Android Apps

Ever since Google launched the android platform, many big companies worldwide build devices with it as the operating system. Being an open source platform, it is widely accepted, easily to use and very popular.

If you build a relevant and useful app for an android platform, it is almost guaranteed you would hit the maximum no of users within a short time. On the other hand, if your app is not android-based you may miss reaching a vast share of smart gadget users.

Calpine builds apps which can work using a range of android operating systems, starting from the earliest versions of android, up to the latest devices with Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Cross Platform Development

Building native apps is always the best approach to get optimum results. However, building native apps will restrict the user from deploying the application in multiple platforms.

The cross-platform development approach is useful in those scenarios. The concepts and POCs can be made easily using the cross-platform approach, than native development.

Currently the most common available approaches on cross platform development are HTML5 / CSS based hybrid apps and Xamarin under C#. HTML5 apps are built and deployed on Phonegap and Titanium appcelerator with the help of Angular JS, ionic, Backbone.Js and jQuery.


Mobile Development

We build apps for GPS and Location tracking, social media integration, media streaming, GPS, maps, ibeacons, push messaging, ad serving, web services integration and offline data synchronization, scientific calculators.

The industries we serve are travel, transportation, m-commerce, health care, classifieds, social networking, and hospitality.

We develop apps for iOS (xCode, Objective C, Cocoa-touch) and Android (Android SDK, Android Studio) and Windows Platforms.

Mobile UX/UI Design

More than just color and layout, Calpine's designs are based on the user behavior and created after analyzing the popular current trends to make the app more user-friendly. We follow different approaches for iOS, Android and Windows devices. We start from the Static wireframe and build the UI rich graphics.

QC on Mobile Apps

The quality control of mobile apps includes different devices with various configurations. We work on performance, compatibility, functionality and UI analysis, and provide both manual and automated testing. Recurring analysis of the apps are done using Selenium and Appium tools.

We offer many testing services including Mobile Functional Testing, Mobile Compatibility Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Security Testing, Web Accessibility Testing, etc.

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